My system PFSignal com

Hello! My name is Mikhail. I’m from Russia.

Experience of trading on FOREX since 2006. Plans and goals for the future are getting Appointed representative (AR) status in the UK, managing investors’ accounts in a legal framework through managed accounts - MAM accounts, with reliable brokers with jurisdiction in the UK, Switzerland, Germany. In the future, we plan to transform the company into a hedge fund.

Trading decisions on the system are taken on the basis of an analysis of intraday currency charges for futures from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group). Trade is carried out both on a trend and on turns. Trade on the system is carried out on such liquid currency pairs FOREX - GBPUSD; EURUSD; AUDUSD; USDJPY; USDCAD; USDCHF. Trade is manual, not an adviser.

Optimized the trading system, fixed several errors. Work in terms of these moments does not stop and is constantly being done for the further growth and development of my projects. The system has become more reliable and stable. The planned profit is up to 60-80% * per year.

My results for the period from 2011-2017 | 2011 + 12,11% | 2012 + 105.51% | 2013 + 272.49% | 2014 + 182.49% | 2015 + 121.17% | 2016 + 65.57% | 2017 + 18.24%.