My trades aren't executed

Hello Mathew, please check my trading system, midas have been placing trades for about two weeks now and none have been executed, you are making me loose opportunities, especially my pending orders, it just happened yesterday again. I placed a STO order of EUR/AUD at limit: 1.4300. The pair move up to like 1.4346, but my order was not filled. Please do something, this is not the first time.




If you are talking about the "midas" system, I see that you "killed" the system, which is why no orders are being filled.

If you are talking about some other system, please report using a trouble ticket:

Hey i had two midas in my account, one was opened with $5,000 balace with and has this shortlink: and the other was opened with $10,000 balance with the shortlink: I offered to kill the one with the $5,000 opening balance because i have not payed the listing fee. But the listing fee for the one with $10,000 opening balance have been paid.

I saw that you killed the one with $5,000 balance but the other has been tampered with. Please do something!.



you show 3 systems: Forex Orbit, FxWheel, midas

midas is killed; the other two are live. I see no other "midas" system

perhaps you should spend a little time studying your own system setups. It is not clear what you think the problem is.

i had 4 systems before,forexorbit,fxwheel,midas,midas and i asked you tokill one of the midas with $5,000 balance and you did. Now I have 3 systems- but the remaining midas with $10,000 opening balance was tampered with. Please just do anything to bring it back to live.[LINKSYSTEM_48365680]

It is impossible to restore the system you killed; it was erased.

My suggestion is to pay a listing fee, start a new system, and get to work building a good track record.