C2 uses your email address as a logon, and asks for your first and last names in the account details. It then uses you real name in forums and so on. Does it also use this name for CC billing?

I am known by a nickname, so I’d like my c2 “public” name to be different to my CC billing name.

I just changed it in c2, maybe my next CC charge will bounce?

In fact I might sit down and write a review of c2 itself, if you don’t mind Matthew. Is the web site written in LISP? Not meaning offense, but it is a bit weird as web sites go.

A real simple example, I hit the “Preview Message” button to post this message. I changed my mind about the wording, so hit “cancel” instead of “post this message” or whatever, expecting to go back and edit my post. Guess what, “cancel” really does mean “cancel”, and I got dumped back to the thread listing, my new post completely discarded.

I subscribed to a system with just an initial for a last name, so I guess it doesn’t matter. IIRC, it didn’t ask me for a name when I entered the CC info, so apparently it somehow charges you without a name.

Name is not needed for credit card validation – only postal address.