New Advanced Search Feature

I have turned on the new ‘Advanced Search’ feature. I welcome your feedback (and probably bug reports). The feature is new, and is running a bit slowly (since it allows very complex searches of our trading system database).

It will become faster when we finally upgrade the server hardware later this month. For now, give it a try, but please be forgiving.

It is reachable under the ‘Find a Trading System’ section. Just press Advanced View. It has a couple of neat features - like the ability to save some of the searches you run frequently.

Let me know what you think.

Always working for you - Matthew

Thanks for your fine effort. I was able to use the neat feature to save a search for a system that trades like a hedge fund (stocks, forex, futures and options) and it contained only one system - mine; I liked that and promptly named the search: hedge fund

Who knows; I might start a real one some time in the future and give George Soros who took home last year $750 million, a run for his money. I believe, you MK also run a hedge fund with your site which I recently signed on.

I tried the day trading search feature and got 2 systems, both less than 8 hours average trade length duration. That confused me. I was expecting systems with average trade length less than 2 days, because, that is what the industry standards are, according to the following:

Strategies For Daytrading

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by Jacob Singer


These strategies could improve your daytrading.

Trading strategies that fall under the definition of daytrading can be confusing, because there are really three types of daytrading: intraday trading, end-of-day trading, and daytrading. The three kinds are similar, but there are clear distinctions.

1. Intraday trading is when a trader makes a large number of trades in a single day, taking a one- or two-point profit and trading both short and long positions as the market changes direction during the day. The objective is to have all of these small trades add up to a good profit at the end of the day. Positions are always closed out before the market closes. This type of trading can only be done when commissions charged per trade are very small.

2. End-of-day trading occurs when a trader takes a position in the morning as the market opens, and once a fill is received, places a target level to close the position. The trader places a stop-loss in case the position moves against him or her, and closes all open positions at the end of the day.

3. Daytrading is similar to end-of-day trading, but positions can be held overnight. This is because the first 15 to 20 minutes of trading in the morning usually follow the trend of the last 15 to 20 minutes before the previous day’s close. The daytrader takes a position during the day, planning to close out either that day or the follow- ing one, whenever his trading target is met. He will watch the position over the one or two days, all the while adjusting his stop-loss and allowing his profits to ride.

rgds, Pal

Also, search for Ultra-fast (only criteria I selected) came out with a bunch of systems with average trade length ranging from greater than 0 to I think 2 days (rapid or swing) (which actually I could not click on to the next 20 records) and search for day-trading (again the only criteria I selected) came out with nothing.

rgds, Pal

Sorry, only for 1-3 months track record, and min. # of trades =30, W:L > 1.0 and Sharpe Ratio > 0.5, the search returned my system. I would expect that the track record to mean atleast that many months, i.e., any system with atleast 1-3 months track record should be returned, not systems with only 1-3 month track record, which is really not that useful.

Also, I expected the instruments traded to mean only all those selected, i.e., Futures AND Stocks AND Options AND Forex which is more useful, instead of Futures Or Stocks Or Options Or Forex, because if we want systems that trades Futures we would select Futures only or if we want systems that trades stocks, we would select Stocks only. But, if we want to select systems that trades both Futures and Stocks, we would expect to select both those criteria.

rgds, Pal

Okay. Good suggestions. I’ll allow a bit more control of the AND / OR in the interface. Also, I agree that the ‘track record length’ specification is not intuitive. I’ll fix soon.


If I click “back to simple search”, what I get is source code. :–)

That’s a bit alarming. I can’t seem to repeat that problem and make it happen on my machines. What browser/operating system are you using, Dave?


This is now fixed. Thanks for the heads-up. - MK