A few new features

Check out these way cool new features.

Recommendation Engine plus portfolio charting. Go to any trading system on the site, and look at the “You might also be interested in…” box (towards the right side of screen). Our Recommendation Engine will suggest complementary systems with low or negative correlations to the system you are examining. Even niftier: you can dynamically graph what your account would hypothetically look like, if you traded both systems together. Notice how you can adjust the percentage weighting of each system. Also notice how, when you trade uncorrelated systems, you can substantially lower drawdowns while maintaining profitability.

Insert System Links into Forum Posts. Now whenever you post on the forums, you can refer to systems and include pop-up charts, just like this example link: [LINKSYSTEM_12646748]. Below the forum text box, just start typing any portion of the system name or the vendor’s name, and a pop-up window will list all the possibilities you might want to link to.

Let me know how this works out for you.


I hope this new feature (insert system links into posts) only does systems from this site. It seems the kind of thing that people will try to sneak links to other websites if they can figure out how to crack your code.

Also, there are a few vendors who keep trying to sneak their system into forum posts. THe RT Forex North man constantly does this, such as making a pointless bet recently with another vendor on their forum “to see who will do better”, one today with Craig B on Craig’s forum about “how I lowered my price from $70 to $50 ot attract more subs” and any other way he can try to 'innocently" sneak his system on other forums to drum up new business. Personally, the last thing I would want is other people putting popups to their or other systems on my own system’s forum.

I guess I don’t see the point of this? Maybe if you disabled a person from linking his own system on his own posts? It just seems another tempting way to spam other forums

Mathew I like you rnew comparison ability. I do have a couple of questions. When you go to system finder and click on all of the most popular profitble stocks signals. The signal Defiant comes up on the top of the list on about 90% of the signals. Also just about every signal you go to and find the comparisons you find Defiant on the top. I am sure Defiant is a very good signal and that is not why I am writing this. I just don’t know how it comes out on top almost every time? Also on my signal Wave Rider. Defiant is the top listed. I am a end of day trader. Why would a signal that averages 5.6 minutes per trade seem like a good fit for somebody that would be interested in an end of day signal? I would love to see this feature be a random order feature. However finding Defiant on the top of every list does not make it seem random. Thanks Rick Haines

One more thing. When I go to Wave Rider I find 10 signals that are compatible with it. When I go to the 10 signal sites and look at their compatible signals. I find Wave Rider on 1 out of 10? When Defiant is listed on the top of all 10. Out of these top 10 compatible with Wave Rider signals. Why is it Wave Rider is not listed on 9 of them?

My goal is not to find random systems. My goal is to return high-performance systems that are uncorrelated to the system in question. Since the goal is to find uncorrelated systems, we don’t screen based on whether the system trades fast or slow. We simply look for good systems with low correlations. I suspect [LINKSYSTEM_26833433] is on the list a lot because it is not highly correlated with the stock market in general, which many stock systems are.