New and I need help


I am a new member and I completely confused how this website work, I really couldn’t find a simple page that explains where to start, I didn’t pay full membership fees because I am not 100% sure how this website work.

I use Robinhood

Thank you

Hello Abdulah,

I have sent you an email to help you get started. You can reply back to my email if you need more help or information.


Good day:

Please note the following before you join.

  1. you should have an idea of trading
  2. you should know if you are joining to a leader or a follower
    2.1 a leader is someone who has a trading experience and is willing to share his experience with others…
    developed the strategy, and want to sell the signals…at a cost per month…
    2.2 a follower is someone who as a certain experience but not happy with his/her results and willing to be led by other, so you will be paying monthly and you trades will automatically be placed as the person you are following is put up there trades…