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Top 50 Leader Board

I have a few questions aimed at the top 50 leader board.

  1. Do you guys have followers paying to trade your strategy?
  2. Can any of you in the top 50 confirm how many followers you have paying you?

I would like to hear from anyone in the Top 50, as I find it difficult to comprehend that most of the top traders here are trading on SIM and are earning up to $570k, although no-one can confirm over what time period this is, none the less I would like to hear from some of the people in the top 50


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I would also be keen to get some kinda indication from the leaders here as to how much it’s possible to make. Thanks in advance guys!


If you have a good strategy and you consistently make a profit from month to month and show more than 50% per year, here you will receive more than 3000 USD per month.

There is no time gap for 570 000 USD, maybe they have also earned over 10 years.

My systems “PFSignal com” (forex), “Myfxmap com” (currency futures CME Group), “MAP Capital Investment” (forex) bring me here about 2000 USD per month. If I have a cycle of 6 months every month, plus this amount will be 3000-4000 USD per month. I know those who earn here 5000-7000 USD per month from their strategies. But those who show a large percentage of profits have large subscriptions. If the effort is conservative, it is of little interest to anyone here and you will receive little - this is very bad.


These are the amounts after deducting the commission. What the trader gets clean every month on the 20th on paypal.

Hi Michael

Thank you so much for responding, I appreciate your input.

You are the only person so far who has given me and the people here a clear indication of what is actually achievable. The people who run this website will obviously highly inflate the numbers, this is general marketing.

  1. Do you trade SIM or a live account?
  2. You mentioned you made about $2k clear a month
  3. What did you mean when you said "if I have a cycle of 6 months every month, plus this amount will be $3k-$4k per month?


Hi Michael

I forgot to ask you how long in your opinion if you are making good returns of about 20% per month would you need before you start to accumulate followers, and start earning around $2k+ a month?


Sean -

It’s not realistic for a strategy to earn “20% a month.” If you trade in a fashion that does, C2’s Scoring algorithm will not rank your strategy highly, because - chances are - you will be over-leveraged and will be trading in a very risky fashion.

Just run a strategy, trade well, and the rest will take care of itself.


Hi Matthew, thanks for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

I take about 5-8 trades a day on the ES (roughly 2-4 hours of trading). I don’t risk more than 1% of my trading account on any given trade. I quite easily make 20% return a month on SIM, based on my records I have been keeping for the last 18 months.

Oct MTD, I have made 109,72% return this month so far, (a my best month of the year so far.)
I trade with a well taught momentum system, which I have been trading for the last 18 months.
I trade roughly 4 hours every day, I attend classes 2 times a week, and I am always practicing and spend about 6 hours every day honing my skills

I am quite confident based on my history on SIM, that I could make 20% a month. My question is how long would it take “in general” to get followers whereby I could create a net income of $2000 - $5000 a month? (based on what I have told you I am able to achieve)


why don’t u just put up the system and see how it goes the next 12 months? that’s the beauty of c2. all transparency, we can see your leverage, drawdown, live bid/ask and risk management.

Here on the forum hundred of traders said they have the best system, hundred of gurus said they are the best trader. Yet we only have a handful of system that can survive 2+ years and able to beat the market. We been searching for this unicorn forever, and yet to see one.

Please proof us wrong.


Hi Osutai

Thank you for your comments.

Its about time for me, Combine vs C2, and which one will be able to provide me with a return on investment the quickest.

A genuine trader knows there is no Unicorn, only hard work, many hours of practice, lots of discipline, and and bucket fulls of patience. At the end of the day the goal is to become a highly consistent trader.

Therefore its not about proving anyone wrong, its about the return on investment (time and money)


I invest all my C2 fees back into data. If you are counting on making a living from C2 fees then your system is probably not that good. If it is a great system, then you shouldn’t be worried about your income from C2 as the profits from trading should more than exceed your C2 subscriptions.

As for me, I like C2 because I respond well to outside expectations. C2 forces me to trade as I should, not as I want to trade because people are depending on me to produce consistently good trades with sound risk management.

C2 provides accountability and feedback which in my view are valuable to self improvement and better system development. It is similar to when I was working out alone vs when I hired a trainer. The trainer challenged me to do my best and I always showed up. But when nobody was looking it was easy to fall into bad habits and sometimes even skip the routine.

Hello Arbi,

I looked at your system, SPODD500, which has performed very nicely so far, and I have a question: On the Trading Record there is this trade on 8/13 which shows a 12.11% drawdown, however, looking at the stats and the chart there never was such a large dd. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Karl

Hello Sean,

Act! Forward! If you will consistently make a profit of 20% per month, you will have a lot of customers. But personally, I do not believe in this story. Here I have already seen many strategies that get 100-200% for six months - a year and have become bankrupt.

Hey Michael

Thanks for your input, as they say talk is cheap, money buys the Whiskey :blush:

Would I be correct in assuming most people who trade here use algorithms?

Do you know if there are many discretionary traders?

It seems like I have opened a can of worms by stating returns of 20% a month. :roll_eyes: and it would seem that is a high return, although there are some people on the leader board with over 200%, and some over 100% so I’m not sure why it seems like this figure is unrealistic or unsustainable? Am I perhaps reading the returns percentages incorrectly?


If we are talking about long-term goals of 5-10 years, then strategies with a profit of 100-200% per year will not survive, and 1-2 years if they do not reduce the risks.

A profit of 40-60% per year is a super result with a drawdown of 20-30%.

Profit of 20-30% per year is an excellent result with a drawdown of 10-20%.

If the profit is 100-200% per year, this drawdown in the long term is 100%. There have already been several hundred of such strategies and everyone died before they lived for 2 years.

Set realistic goals and goals that can be achieved.

Hi Michael

Thanks for your input, just so I understand correctly an example below

If I start trading with $10 000

  • are you saying $4000 - $6000 a year (40%-60%) is a great result?


@SeanGosling, its very common for new traders to think they can achieve 20% monthly on sim or backtesting. In reality its very hard to achieve that goal without great risk.

But please share with the community your strategy it will be interesting to watch.

Good luck!

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A genuine trader also knows 20% per month is … well i dont have a word to describe :))

If your backtest shows this crazy return over a long period of time, I suggest to check your code for future leaks (i.e a bug where you make decision on trade today/now based on future data)

Good luck!

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Totally agree…I think thats why we as traders/developers started trading because we thought we could make 300% yearly and found out the hard way that this type of returns is not only foolish but dangerous since we eventually end up wiping out big time.

And in the rarer cases that there are those traders that did make that much consistently I doubt they would be trading anymore since they either know it doesn’t last forever or they can sit on the beach and nest egg the profits in some guaranteed income instruments or start teaching…lol

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Yes, it will be a super result if the drawdown is within no more than 20-30%.

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