C2 AutoTrading API problem


I’m getting my signals via the ATI API and my own client. Usually it works fine, except for a trade this morning for [LINKSYSTEM_37780234]. The problem is that the API never sent me the closing trade signal.

Sequence of events:

* Around 8:09am I poll the API and get a new signal with sigId=52933541. I confirm to C2 and C2 acks my confirmation.

* A couple of seconds later I report my fill to C2.

20100915 08:09:24 Reporting MY execution for signalId=52933541

CMD =<my host here>&filldata=52933541sep2sep4599sep130.19&live=0








Multiple fill confirmations (0) received for person 42774773



Is it weird that there’s a (0) in the C2 response? Does that mean C2 got 0 confirmations? I double checked my syntax with the C2 ATI PDF manual and it’s not obvious to me why it is wrong.

* Around 12:30pm I should have gotten the exit signal with sigId=52944788 but that never happens. I only get notified that the entry signal is completed.





I guess your forum software striped out the vertical bars from the URL for the execution confirmation. But I put them in the right places as indicated in the PDF manual …