New Feature: Advanced Charting

Another new feature: Advanced Charting.

When you click on the equity chart in a system details page, you are taken to the "Advanced Charting Module."

Advanced Charting allows you to zoom in and out of an equity chart, and vary the dates displayed in the chart. It also lets you compare any number of trading systems from any point in time.

Thus, you could, for example, compare what would happen if you made a $100K investment in three trading systems on an arbitrary date – say, June 1 2006. In other words, you don’t need to judge a system solely from its inception date.

Finally, you can switch between logarithmic and linear scaling, to better compare systems.

As always, this feature is in beta test and has been tested for approximately 12 minutes, so please report any glitches or bugs. I’d love to know what you think.

Also, please let me know if the user interface isn’t clear. Hints: zoom the chart by clicking on two dates within the chart. You can remove systems by clicking on the equity curves on the chart.


Very good job !

very nice, indeed

Excellent job, still getting used to the zoom feature but just having larger graphs and the option for log scales is a major plus.

Suggestions for the future :

-japanese candlestick (to track intraday DD)

- Bollinger Bands (to track volatilty )

- Moving average ( to track trend of the system )

"zoom the chart by clicking on two dates within the chart."

That instruction is better than the one that is currently displayed:

"Click twice within chart to zoom"

I double-clicked a lot of times on the chart but nothing happened :slight_smile: