Advanced AuoTrade Features on Live Accounts

I’m pleased to announce that we have finally released Gen3 AutoTrading features on LIVE accounts.

With all Gen3 AutoTrade brokers you can:

* Add your own stop losses to a system that is being AutoTraded

* Increase or decrease positions as you see fit

* Take profits earlier than the system

* Cut losses earlier than the system

In other words, now you can have greater personal control over your AutoTraded systems!

Also, you’ll be able to track all your AutoTraded positions across all systems and brokers, and see real-time marked-to-market P/L reports.

Please keep in mind this is a public beta test, so you’ll first be taken to a screen where you can electronically sign an agreement saying you are aware that the software is new and should be carefully monitored.

To use the feature, just click TRADE STATUS (under the AutoTrading section of the left-side menu bar).

Please let us know what you think.


excellent. Is this now true for ALL brokers who support gen 3?

Great feature.

Any time frame on getting any brokers that trade stocks and options up and running with this feature?

Yes, all Gen3 brokers support these new features.