New Feature: Broadcast into ITM Window

In response to a request by a customer, I’ve added a new feature for system vendors: Now you can “broadcast” a non-signal message into the ITM Window.

This is useful if you want to alert your subscribers about something that is not a specific trading signal. Examples: alert subscribers about the time of day they should expect an upcoming signal, or send a message about why you are not sending a signal, or even broadcast a “preliminary” market assesment, etc.

The feature has been rolled into the old, familiar “Broadcast” function, which you can still reach from your system page (look under the “Trade” menu). As before, you simply type your broadcast message and press “Broadcast,” but now you’ll see a small checkbox that allows you to specify that your broadcast be sent both by email and by Instant Trade Messenger. (It will be sent through both channels, if you choose this.)

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

I like that ALOT… I like to to communicate with my traders thru the day and this will give me an easy way to make that happen.


Is it possible for the message to only be sent via ITM? Some subscribers prefer not to receive emails of those messages after they have already seen them in the ITM. Also, by the time they arrive in email, they might not be timely. Is it possible for the vendor to decide how the messages are to be sent? 1) Email only 2) ITM only 3) Both methods.

Yes, but: Not all your subscribers will be using ITM at the moment you enter your message. The implication is that the message will be lost to those subscribers… Is that acceptable?

Yes, that is acceptable since some subs are not watching their computer at all times and they don’t really care to get emails later in the day when the message is no longer pertinant. In the past, I have sent messages just using orders so the option of sending messages without orders is much appreciated, especially if they can be sent via “ITM only” if the vendor chooses.

I’ll try to get that feature added shortly.