New Feature: Park Orders / Timed Orders

In response to many users’ requests, I have added a couple features to the order entry screen.

(1) You can enter an order and “park” it until further notice. This is useful if you want to pre-enter several orders and have them available at one click of a mouse.

(2) You can make an order become valid at a specific time and date. In addition to traders that trade based on time-of-day, this will also come in handy for people that want to trade electronic contracts (for example the @ES E-Mini S&P) but only during “daytime” hours. So, if you are used to telling your broker to buy MOO, simply make the order valid at 9:30am the following morning.

Similarly, this is also useful for people that are used to giving brokers MOC (market-on-close) orders. Simply make your order valid 1 minute before the closing bell for your specific contract.

Finally, I should explain one more thing. If you park an order “indefinitely” (in order to make it ready to trade quickly), then your order will not be emailed to subscribers until you unpark it.

In contrast, if you park an order until a specific time of day, then this order will get emailed instantly to subscribers, but the New Signal email will describe the time of day the order should become valid.

As usual, new features mean new bugs and unforeseen problems. Please report anything strange to me so that I can look into it.