Parked Closing Orders

I have been an enthusiastic user of the Parked order feature on the advanced trade page, and would like to know if this facility is operable on autotraded trades with the bulldog/fxcm broking facility. If so is it ully automated, or does it depend on human intervention when the park till time arrives.

Thank you


I may not fully understand your question. If you are a system developer, and you use the "park until" feature to park your orders until a specified time, those orders will be submitted for processing in your C2 Model Account automatically at the time you specify. Anyone AutoTrading your system will also therefore receive the orders at the time you specify.

Thank you. The thought I had was that the order might be transmitted at the outset beause a system like Metatrader(as I understand) has a countdown facility in seconds the broker order entry box. I could see no such facility at the FXCM end, hence my query(74598175)][LINKSYSTEM_74598175]