Time out and new order types


The website timeout is way too soon, I suggest removing this feature for paying users;

Is it possible to add new order type: MOO and MOC for both stock and futures?



The time out issue has been mentioned before. The purpose of this is not to penalize users, but rather to maintain security by preventing unauthorized use of one’s account. I think I need to make this a user-adjustable preference, which I will work on.

Regarding MOC and MOO orders:

You can effectively create these type of orders using the “Park Until…” feature. To do MOO, park your order and set it to be released at 9:30:05 or something like that. To do MOC, park until 16:04 – or whatever time your market closes minus a minute, say.


Thank you Matthew, holp you can give us the adjustable time out soon. Also good to know we can easily do something similar to MOO and MOC, that is good enough for me now.

I triied a Park Until order today. The system is Fox E-mini Daytrade, the order is parked until 16.:14. The order is filled at 23:00. This not only affect the fill price but also the Avg Trade Length. Why is that?

If the Park order is not reliable, do we have other options?


There was indeed a problem with parked orders yesterday afternoon. I have adjusted your fill time and price. The error should not happen again.