New layout for direct usage

I’m not sure the direct layout works because a subscriber can’t see any of the forums messages, and I can’t when I’m logged in and go to my direct URL. As such, I’m concerned it hurts vendor to subscriber communications.

Also, if the subscriber just types they see all the systems. I don’t know. Isn’t Collective2 suppose to be advertising for us? That’s the way I viewed it.

Although, I had some vendors try to use my own forum to advertise their systems. But, in the end transparency must win out because in the end, that is all an auditing site is worth.

There are a few possibilities for changes, though, if the “self branded” look is going to work. I can see some benefits to that:

1. If to embrace the self branded look then why not use another domain like C2 and have a root level redirect not allow access to systems.

2. The sub-site could contain a FAQ and ways to get answers to question.

3. Still display the vendors forum but hide all systems from other vendors and their score. Why should someone reading my forum care about another vendor’s rating or systems?

4. Give control for admin to remove any message from own forum except his own.

5. Remove vendor forums from your forums list.

6. Give me ability to custom style my direct-link and show my other systems.

It is more of a hassle for me. Takes some of the fun away. It is also very difficult to compete with gamblers and get serious people aboard a system: this is why I promote risk adjusted returns or viewing returns by minimum margin. And punishing all systems that are not realistic instead of hiding it in difficult to understand metrics.

My opinion is that this site should be about what subscriber could get. Not about what is theoretical. I’d like to see a successful scalping system and I do think they exist but if this site can’t handle them and a subscriber can’t get those returns then it should be very obvious.

I want to see, also, how my performance compares to others. That is difficult for even myself to do when every account size is different. If backtested account size is only a rough estimate and everyone has different risk preferences then we need something better… Yes I know we can view CALMAR and SHARPE but I’d just like to see it in a graphic form.

I do like the fact I can drag and drop other systems on my equity curve. Even though, I am not outperforming the S&P 500, at least, if that view is correct then since my inception then I am outperforming nearly ALL of the systems that I identified as being prominent either due to popularity and outlandish claims, established track record, or statistics that I identified.

I doubt that many of the people here have noticed that. I am not writing this to try to garner subscribers: I could care less.

But, I do find it interesting. I do expect my sharpe ratio to continue to decline though. I expect all sharpe ratios here to fall below 1 if systems are traded long enough.

Yes. I can make that claim too.