Unhappy with the new format

I just typed a long message to post on this forum and somehow it got deleted; I am not sure that I have the energy to type it all over again…

My signals haven’t changed much in the past few months, and so I have only spent a few minutes on Collective2 during that time – not really finding the information that I needed, but at least figuring out how to make a few trades.

My issues are:

(1) I can go to ‘My Site’ because I know its URL, but there is no link in the new format.

(2) Is there a way to switch to Classic View? There is no help info that I can find that discusses the new layout and how to locate equivalent information.

(3) Where are my system balances, dollars in equities, dollars in cash, dollars leveraged, etc. I can hover on the graph and see the total equity, but this is clearly not the way to find this information.

(4) Where is the C2 Score? I can see it on my affiliate site, together with annualized gains and other traditional summary statistics, but I now fear that that is going to change as well.

Although I have a strong statistics background, I find the extensive statistics summaries to be mind-numbing and un-useful. I much preferred the half-page summary of salient information – like what still exists on my affiliate site.

im totally agree, the new version dont show the important information of each system

I also agree. I prefer the simpler, single page.

Craig, there is a link at the top, left of the page to switch to “Classic View”