Problems with C2 Order Entry System

Is anybody else experiencing issues with C2 order entry system (not quicktrade which has been - unfortunately - discontinued)…

Whenever I enter an order (always a limit order, with adequate funds etc), I am getting this error, despite entering a limit price between the bid/ask, which should be okayed without any problems, but the frustrating “” pop-up keeps coming up (see below).

For what it’s worth the new order entry system is abysmal in this day and age of ever simpler/efficient broker screens (IB, TradeStation, even eToro!). Quicktrade was much easier although had it’s own limitations. Too much unnecessary frustration for users is a big negative with C2 - every weeks seems like someone is posting another technical hiccup.

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FiveHedged -

We’re going to look into this (and other issues). For now, the forced migration to the new WebTrader is being delayed until October (exact date to be determined soon).

So, for now, you and other grandfathered Strategy Managers can continue to use the old QuickTrade.


I’ve had this warning before, not really sure if it was a fault or protection against entering a wrong price so it never really concerned me. However, I’ve also had the can’t STC/BTC because you don’t have an open position. I’ve been stuck in trades for hours that I haven’t been able to close out on several occasions If this bug doesn’t exist on the old entry platform then I find it disconcerting that new strategy managers don’t have access to a time tested proven tool. I don’t understand your regulatory compliance issues requiring a new interface, but I suggest you consider who’s interests you are really protecting when a strategy manager can’t close out a trade on a platform that isn’t ready for prime time. It looks like I better be prepared to turn off my auto trader, manually close out my own position and send a broadcast asking all subscribers to also manually close out their positions, I hope they aren’t busy at work or on vacation ;-))

Message understood. If you have any specific issues in the future, let us know and we’ll try to take care of them quickly.

It would be nice to be able to close the entire chart, making the Positions and Orders columns larger. Scrolling through the tiny space given is hard on the eyes.
Thanks you all are doing a great job.

What is the best way to contact someone after hours? In this volatile market sometimes you just need to get out of a position with 100pt moves in minutes or seconds, there isn’t much time to wait around.


I have never had problems with entering limit orders.

According to your situation, the price of the instrument is 12.50 and you place a limit order at 8.50 - this is 50% below the market. I think the problem is this. You too far set a limit order. May 6, 2010 to help you. -)


No Michael. If you look carefully, the price I entered is correct and executable (actually within the bid-ask at the time), you are mistaking the price for the “quantity” of shares, which was 850 shares (clearly stated in the header above the cell). I have repeated the snapshot below…

Hope that’s clear :slight_smile:

I agree - the excessive chart size is superfluous. On most broker screens only key data is presented (price, quantity, buy/sell button, simple, efficient!). Hope MK is taking note -)

Sorry. I was wrong. But why have I not had problems entering limit orders through this terminal in 1.5 years? Luck?