New Order Ticket BUG?

C2’s new order ticket seems to have some serious problem here: when I entered “STO 1 EUU6 @1.2646 (with target @1.2626 and stop loss @1.2655)”, C2 engine simply mistaking the “target” as “stop loss” and created the following 3 orders:

6/26/2006 Sell to open 1 @EUU6 @ limit 1.2646 DAY

6/26/2006 Buy to close 1 @EUU6 @ stop 1.2626 GTC

6/26/2006 Buy to close 1 @EUU6 @ limit 1.2655 GTC

This order was filled right away @1.2647 and later on C2 closed the position @1.2643 with a gain of $37 for the trade while it should have been stopped out @1.2655 with a loss of -$100.

Metthew, could you please fix this “new order ticket” problem ASAP? This looks like a very serious problem here.

Sorry for some typo in above post:

(1) "gain of $37" should be "gain of $50";

(2) "Metthew" should be "Matthew";

Also among the 3 orders generated by C2 the 2nd and the 3rd are conditional and are of one OCA group.

Wow. Sorry I let that slip. It’s now fixed.

I just did a test again using the New Order Ticket: I entered the “STO 1 EUU6 @1.2847 (with Target @1.2666 and Stop Loss @1.2888)”, but I don’t see any new orders been created at all.

Matthew you probably need to look at it again. The “New Order Ticket” still seems not quite functioning.

I tried exactly that and seem to have no problem. Can you please clarify: when you say you placed an order to "STO 1 EUU6 @ 1.2847" … what does that mean? Limit 1.2847??

Dear Michael,

I had the same problem this morning. Tried to short 10 ESU6 twice without any action on the site. The trade was at market so it should have accepted, but when you hit publish nothing happens.

Yes, it means "limit" at 1.2847, and in the "optional" boxes on the right side enter the "target price" and "stop loss". The C2 engine is supposed to create 3 orders.

The issue is that you are already long, so your STO is being rejected (you need to STC first). The real problem is that no error was reported to you. I am fixing that now.

Yeah, looks like so.

I just did a test on ESU6, the "target/stop loss" problem seems OK now.

The new "make order" never works so far … wondering … only because of Firefox?


Please give me specific steps you take, and what you mean when you say it “doesn’t work.” Be as detailed as possible so I can try to replicate the problem. You may want to email me: matthew at Thanks.


Creating orders in FireFox doesn’t work. When you click on Place Order, nothing happens. No error message and no attempt to place an order either. It works in IE. Would be sad if C2 is going to be only IE compatible.

The “create quick ticket” contains future symbols which expired in 2005 already.

Also when you park an order, you have to type the year, month, day and time manually in. With the old system, all those fields are already filled in and you pretty much just have to change the time. I find the new order system more cumbersome and less intuitive than the old one.

I didn’t make any changes, but now the beta version is the default order system. Can you also please not let it default to the beta order system until beta testing is completed? Each time I place orders, I have to click on the link for the old order system. I think this should be the other way around. The “production” version should be default and I should click on a link to go to the beta version.


- Fanus

Major problem yesterday with the new order ticket.

On the order shortcut from the homepage, you are asked to click ‘park order’ then you enter date and time.

However, when in the system page and clicking on ‘new order’, you get a order ticket where, if you click ‘park order’ before entering date and time info then the order is submitted as a market order.

This happened yesterday. One of my subs lost a lot of money due to this, by buying when the order got submitted instead of at 15:55 when the parked order was intended to be submitted.

Can you only submit tested features to the site if we are to treat it seriously?

Please keep the link for the oid forex entry system. I tried to place an order with the new system and it did not even fill. I also hate the look and feel of the new system. Why are changing the order entry system when the 1st one was perfect. I hate this fixing things that are not broken.

By the way, I do use firefox like any sane person would with the bugs and security holes in IE. Anyway, I still like the old forex order entry system. No I am not even going to test the new one with IE since from the reviews, I am scared shitless. The old forex order entry system was is nice, please please keep the link to it.


Why don’t you give it a try. You might be surprised.