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New Strategy - EScalade


I agree with Karl, just a small amount of information should provide potential subscribers with more knowledge on how you trade, which often causes positive response :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. I will put in some of the parameters I follow and how I trade month to month.

At the same time, while you are welcome to subscribe any time you like, I would recommend you see a few months of actual trades within the system first. The system has started well, but it has only been 3 days. With the combination of my description of the strategy has well as seeing several real trades over time, this will give you the confidence to not only subscribe, but also stay with the strategy for the long term.

I can see potential subscribers fall into the same traps that traders themselves do.


True, for me, I’m mostly simulating failures, that’s why you’re not seeing me simulating guys that do well. I’m always trying to see what happens to the popular algorithms that just seem to drop rapidly if the market is down. Not a subscriber yet, but i am only active here since september :).

The description would be fine according to what you just wrote.


Thanks. I did put in a description a couple of days ago, but it evidently has to be approved by C2 before it is shown. I don’t think it was as descriptive as I now want to be, but I will wait for it to actually show up on the strategy page, and then I will change it. Then it will have to be approved again, etc.

Regarding algos, I do sorta kinda have one I guess, but it changes month to month. I also look at months like October (very volatile) as well as months like August (very slow) and try my best to have a strategy that is profitable in both volatile and slow months. Optimizing just October and then trading that forward would be absolutely asinine and a sure way to lose. Just like optimizing August or September and then taking that strategy into October…ouch! I went six months back before October but also added in February to give me some exposure to volatile markets, which is why my October was actually very good in live forward testing. I look back six months but also want to make sure I have crazy volatile months as well as very slow months covered. That way I am as ready as I can be for the unknown, which in this case is November. I will also say, my system trades a good bit in volatile months, but in slow months the volume of trades really slows as well. I am not going to trade just for the sake of trading. If the opportunities aren’t there, I am going to sit on the sidelines. Not having a position in the market is still trading, in my opinion.

You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. It’s good to talk to you.


“I am not going to trade just for the sake of trading. If the opportunities aren’t there, I am going to sit on the sidelines.”

People always seem to forget this. Not trading is an opportunity as well. Not every day is aimed at providing you with a profit, because its data says it’s a chance. A chance is a gamble and a gamble is not trading with knowledge, but luck. Even 95% chances may turn into losses, but these losses offset with gains. But going on every 50%-boat might as well drown you into oblivion.

Thank you for the compliment, I try to maintain that good head on my shoulders, stay objective and just help out wherever I can. And learn, obviously learn, because I am not a programmer, I am just an analyst. I work with other numbers than just 1’s and 0’s (code-wise speaking hahaha)


Case in point today. My system was one tick away from generating a signal which would have been a winner, but the market just didn’t quite move up fast enough. So no trades today in a rather choppy market. Not going to force a trade just because I narrowly missed a really nice trade. Rather stay away if my parameters aren’t met for a trade. Tomorrow is another day.


Hi Heath,

I see that you have some other systems here on C2 which seem to be inactive. A few had some activity at the end of 2016 and then nothing since then, and a few have been made private. Can you shed some light on what those were and why they were shut down?


Hi Philipp,

Not a problem at all. I personally trade several systems. In 2016 I tried to put a couple on here that traded oil and gold. The “mirroring” of the trades was so different from my actual trades that it just didn’t make sense to people here who would have subscribed to them. I am not out to just take people’s money and then shut down. I think it was because the systems were scalpers and gold and oil can really jump quickly from one price to the next.

I also am working on a manual ES system that I am trading in private right now. Not sure I want to do that one though, because I have to sit in front of my computer the entire trading day, which drives me nuts. If I decide to do it, I will make it public, but I am not sure my mental state could take it watching every bar of the day. I love trading and the freedom it gives me, so it is a time/reward type thing. The EScalade system is good because it is automated.

Also, this should be obvious, but please don’t expect the system to do this well all the time. Right now I am getting a combination of a win% that is higher than normal along with a much higher number of trades per day. That has resulted in the numbers you have seen since I started the strategy on here. This strategy has done well for me in the past, but these numbers are just not sustainable. This system doesn’t expect to make 120% a month, anyone hinting their strategy could do anything near that on a regular basis is flat lying to you.