New subscribers entering mid trade

If a subscriber trials a system when it has open trades, does Collective2 email them the open positions and any open stop/target orders??

Many thanks

AutoTraders = Have the option of joining trades in progress. (This is up to them. If they choose “yes” they will join trades at market prices and receive same stop-losses and profit targets.)

Non-AutoTraders (people who just subscribe to receive email signals) = will not be emailed anything in particular regarding already-open positions. However they will be able to see all working orders / open positions on your Strategy Details page.

Thanks for that. Is it possible for developers to see who is a AutoTrader and who is not?

No. For regulatory reasons we don’t reveal that, and - for the same regulatory reasons - you don’t want to know. You are publishing generalized trading signals. You want to be insulated from any specific knowledge about what clients actually do with those signals.

Thanks for that. In view of this thread I sent a message to a new subscriber regarding open trades or not. I got one back saying they had not subscribed, then another one after saying they had been subscribed automatically by C2. Can you clarify?

When new people come to C2 for the first time, there is a “Intro to C2 Wizard” that walks them through some basic site features and sets up simulated trading for a few strategies on their behalf, based on user preferences. The strategies selected must have free trial periods and be “popular” to be included in the Wizard. The strategies are added to the new user’s C2 Dashboard, so that the user can get a basic idea about how the site works. It sounds like your strategy was part of this selection process in these cases.

Is there a way to differentiate between those who have been automatically subscribed vrs those take the trial manually??

Yes , if they have just joined C2 then its an automated subscription :slight_smile: .

ok, so where does it say the member joining date?

Send your new subscribers a welcome pm , then go to your inbox and click on their names .