NEW TOS Strategy: 95% Win Rate 10% ROI in first week on C2

Um… ya think???

Not sure what C2 did here. This trade was 10 Micro E-Mini contracts, but C2 reported it as 23 contracts…

In my Interactive Brokers account:

I’m assuming you’re using AutoTrade or another method besides BrokerTransmit. If you click on “Show AutoTrade” in the screenshot you provided, you can see more details. According to the report, it appears that you only had 10 contracts in your real account, even though a second order may have been entered through webtrader, platform transmit, or an API connection you’re using. It’s possible that there was a margin issue or some other type of issue preventing the order from being copied to your real account, but I can’t be sure myself.

Thanks for digging into that. On my end, I only have BrokerTransmit set up, and I don’t enter trades any other way. In fact, when BT is on, C2 doesn’t allow you yo ever trades any other way.

Specifically, Multicharts on a dedicated server places automated trades in my Interactive Brokers account, which then get broadcast to C2 via BrokerTransmit. I don’t enter manual trades either in C2 or my IB account. And MC is set to trade in lots of 10.

Until the last couple of days, I’ve never noticed trades listed for my strats without the little AutoTrade icon to the left of the trade:

After deploying a new trade server and applying a patch and a couple of suggestions from Multicharts, it looks like things are stable and trading is going as it should (with the exception of one unexplained C2 reporting anomaly above).

We’re having a great March, and I’ve decided to turn off trading until after the Powell FOMC meeting/conference tomorrow afternoon. The market will likely shoot to the moon tomorrow if there’s no rate increase, crash and burn if there’s still a 50 point increase, and just spasm like crazy on a 25 point hike. No need to tempt fate, the potential downside of the strats being in the wrong position is much greater than the potential upside of being in the right position…

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Glad trading was turned off, this is what would have happened (and what did happen in my paper trading account):

As I suspected it might, the strat jumped on the downtrend, but its profit target was not hit before the 2PM FOMC rate hike release.

I’ll be turning auto-trading back on at 4PM EST.

Well, after notching 21 wins out of the last 23 trades, we’re going into the weekend holding a big red short, currently about $3K in the red. The strat went short earlier this morning with a 3936 target, missed it by $1, and then the market spent the day climbing almost 2% but just gradually enough that the strat kept pushing the stop loss out (remember, it’s dynamic based on a number of factors including volume and ATR) where it wasn’t getting taken out by a wick, narrowly escaping being stopped out all afternoon…

So, here’s hoping we see a pullback Sunday night that saves this trade, otherwise I suspect/hope we’ll be spending next week clawing it back.

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OMG!! - I Feel Your Pain. Last Week I got stopped out 2X at larger sizes by 1 and 2 pips. I hope your trade recovers just because getting $1 close is a gut punch I can still feel. Only reason I can live with it is because I’ve also missed SL’s by 1 pip and won the trade. Fingers Crossed for You. - Good Luck!

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Looks like I spoke too soon, Multicharts died again overnight last night. Fortunately there were no orphaned open positions or orders, just a missed trade. I’ve submitted all logs to Multicharts support, fingers crossed they finally figure out why their software keeps dying, now on multiple servers. I’ve restarted the server and trading.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, mostly because everything has been running as it should be, and we’ve been making money like crazy.

Until now. I applied a patch to Multicharts on Tuesday to supposedly fix an issue, which has resulted in one of my two strategies not working since Tues. I just emailed them. We are still trading, but our best “moneymaker” strategy has been sidelined, the one that trades E-Micro contracts for this strategy. I’ll post an update when resolved, probably not until next week knowing Multicharts. I may have to see about rolling back patch on Monday night.