TradeStation/c2 interface coding

Hello Developers!
Anybody here using TradeStation to generate orders via the TradeStation/c2 interface? I’ve been working at it for a couple of months now and have had a tough time getting my strategy on TradeStation reworked to conform to the C2 jargon required. Specifically, getting the TradeStation built in trailing stop function name reworded (or re-coded) to be recognized by C2 (name must end in _LX or Long Exit, etc). As it is now I can’t get my strategy to work on C2 as well as it does in TradeStation because I haven’t been able to get past this problem. Need to be able to exit a position intrabar, which is done with the “SetPercentTrailing” reserved word. But the name displayed to this function (% Trailing Stop) needs to be changed in ELD somehow. Anybody else been working on this? Thanks for the help!


We developed a new connector for TS, (PlatformTransmit for TradeStation 9.5) that hopefully will be released this week (public beta).

If you are interested to try today, just drop me an email to I can help you to install

I hope will solve all of your TS sync issues.


Hello, I have sent orders from Tradestation to C2 years ago. Currently I am not active. But what I could remember from the old days was that it was easier to keep the system running on Tradestation and only send market orders when they were filled in Tradestation account. For long term (maybe swing) trading systems, which holds position overnight I sent an additional hard dollar stop for eratic moves. But this was rarely hit. For me this was the easier way to keep the C2 Subscribers accounts in sync with my Tradestation system. However Good Trades.

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BTW: PlatformTransmit for TS 9.5 public beta was Released:

Any feedback, issue report, testing experience is VERY WELCOMED, directly to (please) !