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New Trading System Introduction



I trade the affordable suite of Pro Shares Ultra 2x the S&P 500 - both long and short as the market dictates.

I have been in and out of the stock market since 1997 and have have both swing traded and day traded Futures since 2004. I am a trend trader by nature since 2004

I am very competent at timing the markets and predict my system (Stock Indices x2) to do about 70%-100+% returns per year; my private account is up 29.71% since 1/09/2018 - 3/11/2018 of this year. System is discretionary and index/market news driven:

1/8-1/31 +5.49%
2/1-2/12 +11.34% (When the markets took a hit; the 10 year approaching 3% yield)
2/14-2/27 +3.40%
2/28-3/2 +4.48%
3/5-3/11 +4.80 return to date

I trade the symbols SSO and SDS respectively and only charge $25.00 per month for my subscription.

A trading account of 10k to 50k suggested.

Feel free to follow along for a month or two in sim and then jump in!


Link us to your system


Will you be TOS since you say you trade your own system? A lot of people claim but never prove by being TOS. In the long run this will get you more subscribers.


What max drawdown do you predict for your system?


Limited…I tend to get in and get out on time. So there will hardly be a drawdown…

1/8-1/31 +5.49%
2/1-2/12 +11.34%
2/14-2/27 +3.40%
2/28-3/2 +4.48%
3/5-3/11 +4.80 return to date


I use a limit order on all stops and I do recommend a stop.



It is brand new and seems not to be up by Collective2 yet…I have an e-mail in as I am a subscriber and paying the monthly fee for one strategy.

Please look again/search Stock Indices x2 on Tuesday 3/13.



Sorry I am new to this pay for service system = what is TOS? please.



An 8% emergency stop either up or down (depending on being in SSO or SDS) from your entry price recommended to be used…I am generally out before then however before the stop is hit.

Hope this helps.



Also when I get out of a trade, I generally wait a day or three before initiating a new position to be on the safe side :).



Hello Steven, just so you are aware TOS, means “Trades Own System”, very important to those here. We do not see your system posted on C2 as of yet. Thanks Brad


I am with Fidelity and not with any of the “linked” brokerage firms used by C2.

I do trade my own system and recommend a trading account of at least 12,000 - 50,000.

Trades since 1/8/2018

1/8-1/31 +5.49%
2/1-2/12 +11.34%
2/14-2/27 +3.40%
2/28-3/2 +4.48%
3/5-3/11 +4.80 return to date

Hope this helps - try me in sim for a month or two…



Thanks Steven, I will review it on SIM. Just to clarify, the name of your system is “Stock Indices x2”?


@StevenKinney now Collective2 has something called broker import so you can actually import previous trades to have C2 verify for us all if your account really is up 29% over the time period you mentioned.


Yes…Stock Indices x2…Pro Shares 2x S&P 500 = SSO and SDS are used as market conditions warrant.



Do you have any backtesting you can show us, or your profit chart


Trades as of 1/8/2018 - use Yahoo Finance to verify entry and exits with market data feature:

1/8-1/31 +5.49% SSO
2/1-2/12 +11.34% SDS
2/14-2/27 +3.40% SSO
2/28-3/2 +4.48% SDS

Hope this helps…do sim for a month or two before joining :).

Recommend a 12K to 50K account.

Recommend a limit order as a stop order.



Here are actual % gains booked so far this year…3/5/2018 trade open and up 4.80% so far…

1/8-1/31 +5.49%
2/1-2/12 +11.34%
2/14-2/27 +3.40%
2/28-3/2 +4.80%

Recommend a 12K - 50K account.

Follow me in Sim for a month or two & then join at only $25.00 per month.



What I mean is C2 can verify that you actually did buy and sell those at the times and that you are not cherry picking trades from your account or just from records.


Track me in Sim and then decide…



I’m not saying you are lying but if you import your previous track record you should be able to get subscribers faster.