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Hi, I need some help setting up a broker account, or I may mean the RIGHT broker account. I seem to have a demo with MB but do not understand most of the language for the live account, etc. Can anyone take the time to call me MONDAY Jan 17th after 9am to help me set up a broker acct. to use autotrading on C2? Should I use a different broker that is not expensive first? I just need a little help, I found the autotrade set up video perfect to understand and I did what it said until it came to the MB set up part, it just did not work. I really want to get started and need a trustworthy person to guide me thru the process - any takers?

I live Buffalo NY Eastern Standard time if anyone can help me, please email me at and I will give you my phone number if someone could call me and walk me thru the set up. THX - I appreciate it. Elizabeth