Ninjatrade Crude Oil Auto Trading help needed

Hi I trade multi futures instruments. However, every time Ninjatrader opens a new position for crude oil, Collective2 does not post it. when I try gold/ e-mini/ TF / NF all work expect CRUDE OIL. Please help. (yes I put (*CL) inside instrument manager)

Happened to me this week too - same strategy on NT platform, trades got filled in my IB account but not C2. Something is not right… possibly with C2 connection.

According to the server audit logs, you started off by sending the symbol CLM2, which is not a valid C2 symbol.

Then a few trades later you tried to send QCLM2 (which is the correct symbol, but you began using the symbol by having your NinjaTrader send a sell to open while your C2 system was still long, so that generated an error message). Then finally you switched your NinjaTrader back to CLM2 (again, not correct).

So, the answer is simply to make sure you use the right symbol (QCLM2) and also make sure you adjust your C2 system to be in sync with your NinjaTrader positions (or vice versa) so that both are long, or short, or flat, or whatever before you begin trying sending signals again. Otherwise, if Ninja sends a Sell To Open while you are long at C2 (for example), C2 will barf.