Response to System question from M Klein

My original question:How long after I pay my system fee before trades I place in my Ninja Account Group begin to transfer through to C2? Will Open Positions show in my system info immediately or is there a delay? I activated today and have Ninja set up correctly but when I refresh Open Positions in my C2 system page it shows nothing. Thanks

M Klein’s reply from my question as to why trades were passing through to C2 from Ninja.

What is your C2 system id? I don’t see that you’ve even created a C2 trading system. Is it under a different C2 login?

My reply but waiting for reply

ID is 48424416. I first created this system in 4/2010 and never used it. My user and all the info was still valid on the C2 site so I paid the fee there.

Can you tell me when it will be active. Also Ninja says that the simple in their symbol map is *EUR/USD for that fx symbol. Correct? If I patterned it like in the explanation webpage it would be *@EUR/USD. I tried both and neither worked.

Should trades placed on Ninja pass though to my Open Trades window on C2 immediately? If not, when? Thanks

Trades should appear instantly. If you don’t see them, it means you’ve configured your NinjaTrader incorrectly.

I think the problem is that you are not using the correct symbol. C2 requires the symbol EURUSD – not EUR/USD. Can you try again, removing the slash.

I’ll look into making C2 a bit smarter and not caring about the slash. In the meantime, try the above and see if it works.

Are you showing my fee paid and system active?

Tried removing the slash as instructed. Still not working

Getting closer… now the problem is that you’re trying to trade 100 minilots of GBPUSD, and your account can’t support that trade size. Try to adjust your trade quantities to fit in your Model Account.

There must be an issue with the multiplier between C2 and ninja. On the Ninja platform I have my trade entries set at 1 minilot. So at 0.01. On their system it show P/L at $1 per pip. I had the multiplier set at 10, wanting to trade 10 minilots. That was when you said I had 100. So I dropped the multiplier(and semi colon). Messages from C2 still say numbers are too big. The messages come through a little confusing. But it says that there is a problem anywhere between $300,000. and over 1 million depending what i try. I changed the multiplier in Ninja to 0.001 and it still says too big. I thought I could figure it out from the messages the signals generate but they aren’t clear so i don’t know how to adjust. thanks

Steve -

Can you ask the guys at NinjaTrader how to send just “minilots”? In other words, right now you’re sending trades with quantity=1000000. Your last trade attempt was quantity 5000.

C2 is interpreting this as a request to trade 5000 minilots. We’re really looking for trade quantities like: 1 or 5 or 8 or whatever. The guys at NinjaTrader are probably better equipped to help you configure your NinjaTrader program to send these quantities.

Ok, it looks like the 0.001 gives me 10 minilots. I don’t know why since I am placing 1 minilot on Ninja for these tests. I continue to get messages on Ninja that the orders don’t process because the multiplier is incorrect. But obviously some did place, one very large triggering a margin call.Lucky I’m on test. Anyway, it seems that the multiplier between the two systems is incorrect. I normally place quite larger orders on Ninja and would need to use a multiplier such as 0.00001. That would be for 100 mini lots. Again for the orders i currently am placing, no multiplier should equal one minilot but it is much larger. Thanks

Thanks Matthew.

I have submitted to Ninja the details of how my orders are passing through to C2. I am sorry to be a pain but I was caught in the PFG fraud and I am trying to get going again quickly in order to save myself and my group. Thanks

I am setting up NinjaTrader with my C2 account and following the "Use NinjaTrader" section. The images on the C2 instruction page do not match what is in the NinjaTrader app so I wanted to be sure about the symbol map. For example, the EURUSD would just be *EURUSD correct?