Ninjatrader quick question: strategyid?

I am attempting to setup ninjatrader to send my automated trades to my strategy. I’ve read the setup examples, and seem to understand, but I am not sure what I should put under ‘strategyid’ as per ninjatrader’s docs. Is that equal to my systemname on collective2? Or is it a number? Where do I find the strategyid # that collective2 has on file that I should instruct ninjatrader to send trades to?


I haven’t used ninja trader much, but if it’s asking for a C2 system / strategy # of sorts, then I would guess it would be the # next to the strategy name on your main screen here on C2.

For example, when I pull up my system here on C2, the number at the far right assuming I am correct, is what I would use minus the paranthesis:

System Details: Trending Futures (29987971)


hmmm… I may have posted too quickly, and created a security issue of sorts.

Mathew, perhaps you should edit my last post and replace my strategy / system # with a bunch of "xxxxx" in the last post. Sorry about that!

thanks a lot. I think that sounds right… we’ll see if the orders get sent…


I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

Is it ok for my system ID to be made public, or does it matter?

It would be nice code addition to your already fantastic C2 web site, for the poster of a message to be able to edit a prior message posted.

I agree editing forum posts will be a good feature to add.

Your system id is not meant to be a secret, and no harm will come from posting it.

Hello Michael,

I am wondering if you ever got Ninja Trader sending out orders to C2 properly or have had any success with what you were working.

And if so, what version NT are you running if you don’t mind me asking?

I am trying to setup NT with C2 using NT version 6.5.1000.4 … Does anyone know if this version is supported or working successfully routing orders into C2 database running within either a C2 live or test system id?