No buy signal

I received my first signal for Spiderman system by email a couple days ago and it is an opening signal, not a closing signal. However, the signal was not received by my autotrade software and so the trade was not executed. The software was running and it was polling for signals at the time. I searched the log several times in different ways and it is not there. Anyone have any ideas why I did not receive the signal? The holding does show up in the cmd=requestsytemsync response so the autotrade software is connected to C2 and running properly.

Greg: You didn’t receive a signal to Sell To Open an option because you did not enable Short Options Sales in your AutoTrade Setup Screen.

C2 won’t send you short option sales unless you specifically enable that.

Got it, thanks. I didn’t remember seeing that as a separate checkbox the first time through. Funny, I’ve been trading options for so long I don’t even think of them as short when I sell to collect the premium because I usually just let them expire and don’t buy them back. Anyway, I went back and found the checkbox and checked it. It reminded me of another question I had about the “max lots” field but I’ll post that as a separate topic.