Can't receive trades through ATI. Thanks

Sorry, but I can’t crack this one.

I’m subscribed to system 39098424

I receive the return below, but no new signals:























<humantime>2012-11-13 07:33:22</humantime>





There are no new signals to receive. This is why you are receiving no signals.

The last opening signal was posted on 11/11 at 23:02 ET. You would have received that signal if your software was connected at that time.

Depending on whether you received that opening signal (or opening signals prior to that), and whether you acknowledged to C2 that you filled those opening signals, you might have received the most recent closing signal posted on 11/13 at 3:17 ET. But there has been no signal subsequent to that.


OK, sorry,

How long does a trade remain alive? If a trade is posted at 11PM will I still be able to receive it the next morning?



The design philosophy behind the C2 AutoTrade API is that your software can be “dumb” (better marketing: “light-weight”) and you can rely on C2 to do the heavy lifting, keeping track of state information, etc. In other words, in theory, all you need to worry about is translating new information from C2 into broker orders. C2 worries about things like: what quantity should an order be placed at (based on the scaling set on C2’s UI), whether markets are open, whether opening orders are filled, etc.

So, no – if an order was sent and filled at 11pm last night, C2 certainly won’t send it to your software at 7AM the next morning. Again, the idea is that your program should not have to “think” about anything; if C2 sends it a new signal, it should just go ahead and place it at the broker. It wouldn’t make much sense to have you send an order to the broker when the trade was delivered and filled 8 hours earlier.

If you want to write a program which requests and interprets historical trading signals from the past, then you’ll probably want to look at the Data Services API.