No charge for vendor to autotrade own system


Would you consider not charging a vendor for autotrading his own system?




I believe that the only cost associated with autotrading, other than the subscription fee which vendors don’t pay for their own systems, is the autotrading fee charged by the participating brokers, not by C2.

There is no fee to AutoTrade a system (your own or anyone else’s) if you choose:

Interactive Brokers


MB Trading

or any Gen1 AutoTrade provider

I attempted to autotrade my own system using MB Trading, but when i got to the point where I was asked for my account number, etc., there was a notice indicating that in order to autotrade using Gen 3 you have to pay for a licence ($99/mo.). I thought there was no fee to autotrade your own system. Am I missing something? How do I autotrade my own account without paying a fee? Thanks! Global Investing Report-Sector Leaders

Hi, Charles:

You need to set up the Trades-Own-System (TOS) program for your system first. Once you do, if you then go to the AutoTrade Setup Screen, the $99 software license fee will be waived.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply. I am setting up TOS now. I do have another question. While setting up "model account size", if I want to duplicate exactly the trades that are placed by my system, should I select 100%? While going through the set up process for TOS, I am receiving a default size of 85%. I have read the help box on this but I am still a little confused. Thanks!

Yes, to AutoTrade a system at the exact same quantities as the system’s Model Account, set your AutoTrade scaling to 100%.

Great! Thanks for the reply. Take care!

One last question involving this topic. I read somewhere that if a vendor participates in TOS that a reduced commission is charged (I use MB Trading); a C2 commission if you will. Is this correct and if so, how do I set it up in my account (or is it automatically set up when autotrade is enabled at the broker?)? Thanks!


Since the topic of TOS has come up, I thought this might be a good opportunity to ask: in light of the limited Gen3 stock trading options available, would you consider opening up the TOS program to those of us who trade our own systems using Gen1 (Trader68 in my case)?

Hello Charles,

I have answered your questions via email.

- Alen