TOS certification and self autotrade fee

Dear Matthew, i was wondering when opting out for TOS certification for my system, what happens to the autotrade fee in my account. i tried looking out for the answer here, but couldnt. Can you or others here please link me to the relevant info.


If your question is: “What happens when I withdraw / end my TOS certification for my system?” - the answer is: you will be charged regular autotrade fees for the time period after TOS certification ends. If that is not what you are asking, then please let me know and I’ll try to provide a better answer.

Oh. my bad. actually i wanted to ask that if i join TOS certification, am i charged autotrade fee or any other kind of fee in my brokerage account. Actually the purpose to ask is to see the benefits of my brokerage account getting linked and trade through C2, then being traded directly by me.

Hope i m able to clarify my query.


Once you are certified for Trades Own System (TOS), you will not be charged any autotrading fees for trading your own system. In addition, the amount C2 charges for processing customer subscriptions to your system drops by half. Full details are available here

Is this still the case?

"…the amount C2 charges for processing customer subscriptions to your system drops by half."

- G

I’d like to bring this (the above) back to someone’s attention.

Also, is a generated coupon code from one system good for all systems from one vendor?




Unless they have been reinstated, the waiver of the semi-annual system posting fee and the 50% reduction in the C2 cut on subscription fees have been dropped for TOS participants. The waiver on AutoTrade fees remain.

Personally, I don’t mind paying the posting fee and having the C2 cut remain at 30%, but with so few TOS participants, it seemed odd to drop two of the three incentives after only one year. It’s not like the tiny number of TOS participants represent a significant drag on C2’s revenue stream.

I did suggest to Matthew that some consideration be made for those trading their own systems at at least 100% scale, since there may be a tendency for a system providers to trade at the absolute minimum scale just to get the perks.

I appreciate your clarifying, Jack. Most of the great incentives have been removed, without much participation!

I will still "put my money where my mouth is", and look forward to doing so very soon.