No more free autotrading due to NFA... so


I’ve heard about a new NFA rule that forbids vendors to earn commissions through the IBs here and therefore I guess the ‘free for autotraders’ model won’t be possible anymore. What is going to happen here on C2?

Do we need to change our business models?

Will you find a way around it to keep some sorth of free for autotrading model? (like the difference between ‘autotrading’/‘automated trading’)

I myself might have an idea to keep both earning commissions and autotrading-for-free a legal option. If you are interested to know, let me know.


You are correct; due to regulation changes, it is no longer possible to have "free for AutoTrader" systems (i.e. systems where the developer is compensated by the broker for each trade that is executed). I have sent an email to every system developer on C2 who uses this payment model, and have requested that they change their system payment model to either a monthly or weekly subscription charge.

What if the vending company becomes an IB of FXCM or and can create an Gen3-autotrading agreement with C2?

Can you provide where the new NFA rule was published on their crammed website? Thank you