Regards to everyone, this is a really nice site

good day to everyone,

i just joined this website today and it is looking great so far, specially these fora for members.

i have been taking a look around and will be emailing the staff with c2 with some questions that i have. i have also taken time to read some posts and it seems that a number of individuals with very valuable knowledge and experience in the subject of finance and trading are members here.

now, i have been able to develop a number of nicely profitable automated strategies on commercially available platforms and will be figuring how to record the results on this website. i will be trying to determine the most efficient setup between the costs of trading a strategy proper versus the costs and potential benefits of the different membership tiers here at c2.

these below is a screengrab of the performance graph for one trend following strategy i have developed for the nq futures contract that i will be ready to record right now. this is a backtest from 201901 to date with one single nq contract. i will try to post the entire results of the performance summary as soon as possible.

if anyone has any advice or comments, everything would be welcome. very well, regards to everyone.

Welcome to C2. Good Luck with Your Trading System. You can post direct links and live charts in a dedicated system thread.

regards to everyone.

these fora limit the number of media items per post for new members so i wasn’t able to include this screengrab with my initial post.

this is a screengrab for the performance report for the ngshortandlong strategy i will be recording on this website.

all of these trades are calculated using one single nq contract and the capital required would be ~$35,000 usd plus margin for each nq contract or ~$3,500 usd plus margin for each mnq contract.