Nonresponsive Collective2 Administration

I’ve sent two emails to Collective2, one last week and one this week, with questions pertinent to only Collective2 administration. Neither email has been answered and the issues are not resolved. This is poor public relations and sufficient reason not to trust the website. …waiting for a response to this post and my two emails.

I’m doing business with C2 for a few months now, and never have they been slow or unresponsive to my communications. Have you checked your spam filters?

Sigh. Well, I did get one of your emails, not two, and did respond the same day you sent it. Of course, this entire issue of responsiveness is related to the subject at hand:

You complained that you were not receiving some signal emails from a trading system. I responded that many ISPs filter at the server level emails that seem to contain stock trading advice. (A lot of dumb penny stock Spam gets sent apparently.)

ISPs take it upon themselves to filter this kind of email without informing their clients. Could you kindly double-check with your ISP whether they are doing this?

This was the only email I received from you, so please re-send if the second email covered a different topic. Thanks - Matthew

But I also just did a little investigation and checked the database. You wrote in your original email to me that you didn’t receive a signal email for a particular trade of a particular system. I double-checked the server logs: you subscribed after the signal was posted by the trading system. So there’s the cause of this mystery.

Same here. We’ve been doing business with C2 for six months now, and we always experienced excellent customer service and fast responses.