I can get a sessionID but when I then give the latestsigs command I get a NOSUBSCRIPTIONS error.

The format of my command is:


I have 2 trading systems – 1 real, 1 test. Both have autotrading permissions set up. Shouldn’t this command give the latest signals for both systems?

What have I done wrong?


So YOU are the #1 rated trader (Rating 1)

Your track record does not seem to support that dubious honor : )

It sounds like you are not logging in (i.e. requesting a sessionid) with the proper client type.

About client types

Remember that C2 will only send you signals (or look for subscriptions) for systems that have been designated to the particular client type that you use to login to the server. Each piece of software or each service (TradeBullet, TradeBolt, Fx-Auto) has its own client type. End-users choose the “order destination” for each trading system via the Trading Permissions page.

While you are building and testing your software, you will use the general-purpose client type called TESTCLIENT. That’s the client you need to login to, if your Trading Permissions are set to the C2 Test Client order destination.

If you’re confused by this, post the login string you use when requesting your session id (no passwords please!). I’ll take a look.

Lower is worse. Higher is better.

Not exactly his fault. He’s building C2-compatible software and using random trades to test.

Gotta be a mistake! Can that explain my NOSUBSCRIPTIONS error (or be caused by it??)


Correct - thus the term "dubious honor"

His record did not seem to earn the distinction

Thanks Matthew… I sent my strings to you via email. If my rating for Nasdaq Swing is over 700, that would seem to be in error. My system hasn’t really been very quick in starting up.

Oh, I see the ranking is by TRADER not by system. So perhaps my test system is creating the temporary inflation of my skills! Would seem like test systems should not be included in the rankings (or at least that a trader could opt a test system out of the rankings).


Just to finish this thread and make the answer available for posterity:

The problem was that Chuck was sending this string when logging in:

He should have used:

Notice that TESTSERVER has been changed to TESTCLIENT


Thanks for telling everyone about my stupid error!! :slight_smile: Well at least I have that number 1 ranking going for me for the next few minutes…