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Hello All,
I am a Professional Trader of 20 years, Managed a prop trading firm for 4 years, Developed Trading Software and a Ninja Trader Vendor. Dedicated my life to the Art and Science of Trading.
How I manage my risk:
A-NQ Intraday trader and 95% of my trades execute between 8:30 AM Central to Market close. All trade close by no later than 3:10 PM central. NO OVERNIGHT TRADES EVER
B-Every trade I take will have a hard stop and two profit targets. I religiously take my stops or my profits.
C-My Initial position will be consistent at either 2 or 4 contract determined by market volatility. Will add to profitable trades in increments of 1 contracts.
I mange my emotions as follows:
A-Wake up at 4:30 AM to Practice Vipassana Meditation Technique. This keeps me focused and consistent.
Finally, thank you for your trust and confidence. I realize choosing a trader to manage your hard earned money is an important decision for you. I will earn your trust by consistent performance record, professional risk management and great communication.
If you have any questions email at:
Wish you Health, Wealth and Happiness and success in all you do.

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Hi George,

Your system looks interesting. How about a one month coupon to start us off?

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It’s way to early for a review. Maybe by the end of the year. I put you on simulation for a start.
So far your kept your losses below 1K for each trade, an you had a very low DD for 100 trades, I like that.
How about a TOS-badge? (trades own system)
Health, wealth and happiness 2u2, & good luck.


Hello Pete,

I will generate a coupon for a free month and will send it to you. Thank you and happy hunting on Monday.

Hello Aum108

Thank you for your response. I feel that a rule based system that has risk management controls at the core of the design is pivotal to trading success. Stops and target values need to be consistent as well so you can protect your profit margins. In many ways I believe that MONEY LOVES STRUCTURE. So in every aspect of my trading from the time I wake up to the moment I enter a trade I built structure and efficiencies that enhance my probability of success. In my Live account I trade NQ,CL,YM,ES,DAX,LE and my compounded risk profile in my account is larger than just running the NQ IN HARMONY Strategy. I wanted to provide the collective 2 community a singular strategy that provide them with equity curve that has a 45 degree angle slope with a very well managed risk control. As time progress I will make more strategies available with TOS designation.

Wish you happy hunting next week. Stay focused and disciplined and enjoy the process of trading. This is the best business and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to work at our passion in life.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Good Morning Pete,

UGYP55883 is a Coupon for a free month to auto-trade the NQ In Harmony strategy. Wish you a prosperous month and I will do my part to achieve that for you.


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Thanks George, I’m subscribed and setup for autotrading.

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you are Welcome Pete. One trade at a time we will make this happen. :slight_smile:

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That was quick, already gone private after only 3 months.

Big DD. Where were the hard SL? All BS?

I was a victim of this strategy and it is the biggest reason why I have cancelled all my C2 subscriptions and stopped autotrading. In addition to the contradictions you already posted (never hold overnight) the description for this strategy says max of 4 contracts unless adding to winning positions.

On Oct 10th, the trade leader took a 10 contract NQ (long) position averaging around 7170 and held it past the close while NQ traded well below 7000. Thats a $34k loss. Luckily I had limited to 5 contracts max so my losses were half that but honestly I am so fed up with trade leaders who claim discipline and then when push comes to shove they do whatever the hell they want. I don’t need to pay someone else to take a huge long position against a falling market - I can make those type of boneheaded trades myself (and I have).

Although this person was not TOS I know from blotters he sent me he was placing the trades in his own account so its not the case of someone having fun with play money. Other strategies I was trading which are TOS also have had some bad trades lately that I couldn’t understand so seems there is no easy solution.

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His website is alot of talk about his system. I don’t see any results anywhere. Maybe I can’t find it.
A website with simple verified results would have 100x the effect all this ‘harmony talk’ has.

Good thing you were willing to wait. The fact there was no TOS designation even though he said he was going to go TOS was already a red flag.

Claims of owning a prop trading firm is no different than another guy who claimed he worked on wallstreet for a big trading firm…if he had his own firm then why come to C2? LOL…

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You know I personally love these huge market drops since it seems to weed out all the bad strategies very fast! lol