Some top systems for your portfolio

In case you are interested in any of the below systems, please use the below the coupons for a discounted price for the first month

Coupon for NQ positional- UGHF53634 (half price for 1 month)

Coupon for NQ Quickie- UGWA6776 (half price for 1 month)

Coupon for MNQ Combo - UGHM44643 (half price for 1 month)

Coupon for Mischmash (mainly day trading) - UGXU65633 (half price for 1 month)

Coupon for Nifty India Futures - UGAE53998 (half price for 1 month)

None of them are get-rich-quick schemes, but patience will most likely be rewarded well.

Top systems but no TOS…

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Here are some TOS systems for you:

As you can see TOS may be a false sense of security thinking you are more likely to not blow up your account.


TOS may be a false sense of security, but NO TOS must be insecure. Besides, their historical trading positions are more important. What you are showing is not systemaic trading.

The person asked for TOS without specifying it being systematic and implying it is inherently better. I merely pointed how the flaw in that perspective. If you have a great brokerage that isn’t on the approved list it’s a big gamble switching to get C2 TOS. Now you have to learn their interface and is that going to change your P&L. Some brokers may liquidate some of your positions depending on current market risk even if you have risk measures in place. Imagine how frustrating that would be if your current broker doesn’t do that at the same level as the one you switch to does. Some brokers have proprietary features that you use and now give up. As I hope others can see it is not a simple decision to make.


Agree with @NextLevelTrader TOS is no guarantee of success. On the contrary, it might actually do worse if trade leader is not a seasoned trader. Having your own money on the line makes less experienced traders do crazy things while going through a drawdown.( revenge trading/martingaling etc etc. I have gone through that phase :wink: )

Now for the record, I trade my own systems in my main IB account and if you need proof, I will have to take you to a competitor website (and many broker sites shows the results as well), which I will not mention here for obvious reason. I am maintaining a smaller account (Gain Capital) there to drive the systems on that platform. If anyone interested, pm me.

Trading other peoples money (OPM) is a far different game than trading one’s own account. There are psychological pressures that are not anticipated, which get even worse with a gain (greed, fear of losing) or a loss (hope, fear, doubling down.) Staying with a system is difficult and only gets harder with your own money on the line.


Per the linked post and table, over the period measured TOS did do better on average than general popularity board. It was a short measurement period, but certainly an interesting data point to consider.



A friendly reminder - coupons (from the first post) are still valid in case you would like to join. Thanks for the business!

As all my systems make their new highs, I am particularly happy that two below systems are also now on C2 for more than a year. Lets hope - with the disclaimer that past performance does not guarantee future performance - that we will continue doing well

Thanks to the customers for the continued business - some of you are on the systems for about the same time as it existed on C2 and of course they have reaped the benefits. It is important to trust the system and treat each trade mechanically the same. Loose many small, catch a few big trades is the motto. Just make sure you are leveraged just enough according to your own risk appetite.


Congratulations! on your continued growth and increased subscriber base. Some of the losers always bark against all new systems just to save their own subscribers. Look what their subscribers say about them. @NextLevelTrader @InteractiveAssets.
Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 9.48.43 PM

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 9.48.18 PM

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 9.48.12 PM
Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 6.40.35 PM
Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 6.40.22 PM

what you have in your head? @NextLevelTrader said that TOS it’s NOT NOT NOT NOT a guarantee of more security and low risk! after someone asked that it not a TOS.
Where you see his trolling for author’s strategies???

I comment on his grift and he wants to blast me in every thread such a clown.

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Eva shows exceptional returns with the trade size. I wish her continued long term success on C2 and hope she is rewarded with subs. Maybe you should ask her to teach you about risk and capital management…


Very professional. Certainly someone you’d trust with your hard earned money. :clown_face:


Thanks for appreciation. But I was confused if the mentioned reviews were for my systems!

Nah you’re doing fine. :+1:

The Avocado guy is just bitter his system blew up and jumping in on any thread to bash guys for simply pointing that out.

Best of luck sir.


unfortunately this is not true. Longevity and subscriber count are inversely related. Does not make sense at first. I have lost about 80% subscribers on NQ Positional and about 50% on NQ Quickie. Both system are/were doing well. My experience is that you get most of your subscribers between 3-6 months after system creation, if you show very little drawdown and exorbitant return. Once systems hit a 20-25% drawdown (which is inevitable when leverage is higher) or even stay flat, the interest seems to fade. So it look like a trade leader gets ‘penalized’ for showing a longer term record which includes how system handled a drawdown. Only very few customers understand the nuances of trading, importance of position sizing/capital allocation and risk involved and they stuck along and they were handsomely rewarded.

Your success as a trade leader has a lot to do with when you start a system!

For eg, Mischmasch ( , if I had started on 1 Jan this year, the return would read 300 percent with 15% drawdown and I would expect a lot subscribers jumping in. Because it has a longer track record which shows it struggled to make profit second half of last year, there is no way this system will ever get any interest!


EXCEPT for those of us who have followed you and subscribed for a reasonable period of time!

That said, I don’t disagree with your analysis of subscriber dynamics on C2… nor should I fail to admit that I had emotional - not rational or analytical - concerns with the performance of Mischmasch during the time period of struggles you mentioned…

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Great job @AM5 (and thanks for the business) following the mischmash and other systems, you are one of the very few subscribers who enjoyed the full ride by being committed for a long time - since Oct 2020, I think!