Oanda for TOS. Non USA based

So can I use my OANDA acc. for TOS . and if so, which contracts?

Yes, you can use your Oanda account to drive your Trades-Own-Strategy certification. We support most over the counter forex pairs.

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I also have a FXCM acc ( Uk)
which I actually prefer to oanda. I see on one of the faqs or somewhere that I could use that too, but somewhere else saying FXCM has now been discontinued.

What is the current situation on using fxcm for TOS?

We support FXCM for non-USA people. (USA people are not allowed to use it because it withdrew its registration in the US.)

If you are not a US person, you can use FCXM to drive Trades-Own-Strategy Certification for your strategy.

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You will need to specify to Oanda that you want to use Oanda Trader (CQG) to place orders manually to C2. They lock the platform in read-only mode by default.

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