Offer no longer valid

offer no longer valid

I have been trading crude and crude oil stocks as well. I have very strong industry background and have been killing it lately. Ill check out your system, feel free to look at mine also. (Texas doubledown)

Hey Brian, I started the model at 100,000 as I was thinking my system would work best for larger investors. I am not sure if that was the best route, as I certainly did not want to exclude smaller investors if that is how it works…(I am new to c2). I closed out most of my positions today, as the move was so strong I decided not to get too greedy and lock in those gains and drop down the volatility. I can always buy back in :smile:. Still seeing lots of opportunity, but I am in this for the long-term, and I never worry about locking in a profit too early. One of my first mentors always said, “no one ever went broke taking a profit.”

Haven’t had a chance to look at your system yet, I will take a look when I get to my home office.

Happy Trading.

Edit: we talked via live chat.

Hi Paul,
I was wondering about that too. The vendor seems to be able to have access to some C2 codes to be able to manipulate the system page, statistics and wipe out the record of the original system which he ran into the ground - there seems to be a serious flaw with the C2 security system (for lack of a better word).

Matthew, please look into that,

Is this some kind of hoax? Difficult to take this offer seriously.

Karl - There’s no way to remove a system’s statistics. He simply started a new system and named it something similar to his old.


Brian had a system and decided to delete it entirely. (And subsequently he started a new system named the same, I guess, which is the source of everyone’s confusion.)

Thanks Matthew, people seem a bit tense today…there is nothing wrong with starting a new system

Fair enough, the issue is dead, but why would the OP advertise this “new” system as if it were “old” with an existing price of $499 when it’s a brand new listing with no track record? It makes no sense. Integrity is most important if developers hope to make money selling subscriptions.

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Hi Matthew,
But where is the equity curve of the original system which he ran into the ground. I thought it was a cardinal rule that you cannot delete a system from C2 after it started trading live and had subscribers. When you do a search for the name of the original system nothing comes up.

I would stay away from this developer. I was actually subscribed to his original "Crude’ Trading system. Learned a hard lesson and lost money. System started off ok, seemed promising. Then, during a more significant drawn down day–he completely shut his system off. Crappy to say the least. In the days after–I noticed that he seemed to be on and off C2 with similar systems. So, stay away from this guy–he seems not to know what he is doing and experimenting with live trading systems is darn right misleading and dangerous.

This is an addition to my last post:

I communicated with Matthew regarding this issue and he followed up on it right away and it turned out that during the re-design of the site a bug got in which enabled the vendor to do what he did and get away with it. No other vendor tried to do the same thing. Now everything is fixed and back to normal.

Thank you Matthew,

Thanks Karl for keeping us informed. :smiley:

I’m curious how the vendor–now reincarnated as "blackProfile–managed to find this security hole.