Oil day trading/scalp strategies

Not only did I catch it, I gave him a reality check free of service, but was summarily rejected. A suggestion to you (also free of service): just change your avatar to the popcorn icon and it will save you time having to type it into your messages a dozen times a day :slight_smile:


New traders always have these ridiculous ideas that can increase their account sizes 10 times or more in 1 year…lol.

If only it were that easy! lol…(dreamers)

Oh well, okay, professor thanks for setting me straight. You’ll find out the hard way.

A couple points about your grammar. When you say “false and untrue”, that’s redundant. All you need to say is one or the other.

Putting my word “prediction” in quotes makes it hypothetical, which it isn’t. It IS my prediction.

And when you say my prediction is based on a falacy, that’s all you need to say to make your point. But then when you say that this basis (basing it on a falacy) is in and of itself FALSE, well isn’t that a double negative?

Come on George, here in C2 its best to prove your systems. Everyone needs hard data.

Those that make bold predictions of 10 times returns in 1 year sound like fortune tellers. You claim to be an engineer. Please prove your system to us and to yourself.

Without even having one trade you can’t honestly say there won’t be skeptics?

How about this one? Let’s have a competition…