Old setup page does not work (autotrading setup)

It goes to the new page which shows much bigger % than the old one! Please return the old interface.

What do you mean "it shows much bigger %" ?

Probably I just don’t understand the new setup page: under heading “Current AutoTrade Permissions” it shows correct % but when I click “Modify” it shows almost double % in an editable field. Please fix the old page.


It is still not working. It is linked to the regular setup AutoTrading page.

Well I tried the new layout. When I tried to increase the %, it returned error “Minimum forex quantity for this broker is 10,000”!!

This is of course incorrect because C2 does not even know which brokers I’m using with Tradebullet!


The easiest way to fix it is to return the old layout which is clear, easy to use and it works. The link is still there.

I had to shut down autotrading with TB since I can not correct positions anymore. Please turn back on the old setup page. PLEASE!!!

The “Seleukos Bonds and Metals Futures” show 100% in the list. When I click “Modify”, it shows 3.04% in the editable field (earlier for an other system, it showed much too big %). I’m not sure what happens if I increase that 3.04%…

Okay, guys. I have restored access to the "old" AutoTrade setup page. I really want to encourage people to migrate to the new page, but C2 users have spoken. While the old page is no longer supported, if you use it solely for TradeBullet autotrading, it should continue to work okay.

We love you!! :slight_smile:

Of course it does not matter which interface to use if it works. But until you have fixed the bugs I pointed out, it is impossible to use the new interface. The new interface is also slower, messy (in my opinion) and requires one more click to update compared to the old one.