Old Timer Returning

(Msg intended just for Matthew, but still learning the ropes of the site and didn’t immediately see how to send a private msg.)


It’s been quite a while (circa ~ 2010, old TMTG trading system), but I am getting back into trading strategies, and of course, recalled what an excellent resource C2 is for that purpose. Will save any personal comments for private messages, lots of water under the bridge.

Hope you are well. The updated site looks fantastic!

Kind regards,
Jerry Jenkins

Do you have any comments about this old forum thread?

Sorry, but that seems like a million years and three lifetimes ago right now (not to mention about six computers!), so for all intents and purposes it is basically ancient history. The old code doesn’t even work anymore due to upgrades and improvements in Excel. I am currently working on a new model to trade just GLD, and even though the back test looks promising, need to see ~ 6 months of actual live trade results to know if it’s for real.

Thanks for your reply. What are some of your systems here?


Never mind, Chris re: your trading strategies. Just followed the link you included…