Option Expiration Error

I entered a 1100/1125 put credit spread in the Weekly Index Spreads - SPX system. The STO 3 contract 1125 put should have expired $0.03 ITM since the SET was 1124.97. For some reason it is showing a closing price of $14.12 on the expiration day resulting in a loss of $4,026. I believe there must be a system issue since it shows the trade closing at $14.12 on a Saturday which should be impossible since it stopped trading Thursday. Please Help

How long does it normally take to get a response when submitting a Customer Service Trouble Ticket? I submitted one two days ago and left this previous post yesterday and have not had any response which is troubling because it is a $4,000 error on a $10,000 account. How is one supposed to run an effective system when they have only half their balance to trade with?

Sorry for the rant

Sorry about that - problem solved.

No problem. Thanks for the update. The price is accurately reflected but my buying power wasn’t adjusted or the return for the month of May. The buying power is a more pressing issue as I would like to place a trade today and it is approximately 4,000 lower than it should be. Please help.



I am having the same issue again this week as I did last with my Weekly Index Spreads – SPX system. I sold the 1125/1150 call spread. The SET price according to the CBOE website, http://www.cboe.com/Data/WeeklysSettlements.aspx, is 1150.45. I am seeing the STO 3 1150 puts being bought back at expiration for 14.32 when in fact they expired OTM. I would expect to see them expire for 0.00 which would result in a P/L of $150.

Let me know if you need any other information.