Option trading and risk

Collective 2 does not allow me to specify a dollar amount for each trade in options. I have to scale to the model account or specify a set number of contracts. I hate both options. When I trade options I trade a specific dollar amount with each trade. This controls my risk. As it stands now, I am done with collective 2. I can never use it to trade options and they have no interest in adding this feature. I really don’t know any option expert in the world who would trade without using a specified dollar amount of risk.

I used to be an Options Market Maker, its only done in lots never heard of Dollar amount.
If you are long, the option premium is the max amount you can lose. If you are short option the potential lose is infinite (at least on the uncovered short call side).

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When we talk about buying naked options like I do you can hedge your risk easily if our trade manually.

When you day trade it you can also get out most times and mainly with high delta options with x% loss where X = 20/30/50/70
Always rish less than total cost of the options.
The upside had no limit so it’s nice gain/risk ratio when you buy cheap options