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Share with us: what makes you give a try on a new strategy?


I personally look for verified records and some professional experience/info.
I also understand the risks I am taking, so I would start with a safe amount.

How about you?

I am new to the C2 community and a Stock Options & FX full-time trader.
My Options strategy is brand new, but is very simple:
for every trade I aim for 40% gains and -70% stop loss.
Risk: About 1-3% of my balance.

My FX strategy is 80% automated and 20% manual.
Aim of 3-6% daily (robot trades 4x/week at max)
Recommended balance: start low and withdraw often until you recover the initial investment.

See you all, good luck!


Since @LLCTrader is new I will attach the links to his strategies …lol

At least the fees are low…lol.

Good luck @LLCTrader!


Are these the first two strategies you have ever made on C2?


Not really, I did have one during trial period, stopped in the middle of it.
I will link these 2 through broker/platform transmit so it can sync smoothly instead of doing it manually.


define try. i don’t like to try or test a new strategy with real money. unless its a TOS system. I usually willing to subscribe after seeing 6 months of track record. Hope to see the strategy not over leveraged, don’t martingale, have set rules and don’t break them during a drawdown. then i like to see how the strategy perform during a bull rally and how it handle it self during a correction or sell off. I also turn away from strategies that over promise and under deliver, like making 3-5% gains daily annual return of +300% promises.


High reward comes with high risk I agree.
That is why I try to divide in 2 different accounts, one with risk management and another one aimming 100%+monthly.
Thanks for your comment!


Let me clarify something …
You are not taking any risk here, as long as you are not trading with your own real money.

Then please do so, but with real money!

So do we…
That’s why you should get a 6-12 month verified record with your own real money.


Why did you assume I dont use real money? Fake money profits wont pay bills. I just said I have 2 accounts, one for higher risks and rewards and another for conservative entries.

My FX strategy is through platform transmit and for the Options strategy I need to transfer money to a partner broker. Being it to follow or transmit. I currently trade on Ally Invest, TD and FXTM


A TOS-badge.

Because you don’t have a TOS-badge yet.

Then it shouldn’t be a problem to get a TOS-badge. Good luck.


Oh actually @aum108, using C2’s broker transmit technology a trade leader is actually using a live account as demo accounts are not permitted using that technology (at least thats what I found out when I tried to use broker transmit).


Your profile says you are from US, but FXTM does not allow accounts from US citizens.


Agreed, I am From Brazil, so I use Brazilian documents and bank accounts from there. @e-stat


Won’t broker transmit give him a TOS badge?


No, I think the trade leader would need to apply for TOS certification to get a TOS badge. BrokerTransmit is the first step for TOS certification. So its not necessary to have a TOS badge to actually trade from your own account and thus its not necessary to apply for a TOS badge to trade from your own account using BrokerTransmit.

The article below lists the requirements.

But the issue would be that for subs there is no way to tell if the trade leader is actually using BrokerTransmit unless he is TOS certified or shows his account statements…lol


But the issue would be that for subs there is no way to tell if the trade leader is actually using BrokerTransmit unless he is TOS certified or shows his account statements…lol

There are third party verification sites. For whatever reason C2 is not compatible with certain brokers or software. I trade fx through Oanda which works with C2 but the platform I use, MT4, is not compatible with C2. So even though I am transmitting straight from a live account with a trusted broker to C2 TOS is not obtainable for me. C2 is compatible and would work if I changed my platform to a proprietary platform that charges certain monthly fees. I would probably suck it up and pay the fees to get TOS but the platform is rather bulky and cumbersome. So, I also have a live account verified through other sites but I will never have TOS.


TOS and positive results for over 1024 trades.

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