optionsXpress aquires OpenECry



Great, so now I get to “enjoy” optionsXpress prices?

Incidentally, I don’t see why I, as a foreigner (brit), should have to pay a “foreign service” charge on every contract, even though I’m trading through a US broker, etc, etc. ie as far as I can tell there’s absolutely no overhead involved here, it’s merely a tax.

Also what’s with the “execution charge”? Surely it’s at least as cheap for the broker to accept orders via API as with their own software, so why an additional $1.99 per side charge - or is that a c2 commission?

optionXpress is (or was) Xpresstrade, the worst broker I ever had (many years ago)…

OTOH, at least they’re not going to go bust, as the rumors were having it a year ago.