Order delays + unwanted trades EMini eXpress


I am writing to report order delays and unwanted trades with EMini eXpress.

Today I had a) one 4 minute delay and b) one irregular trade that should not have been executed, as it does not show up in the trade list on your website.

a) the 4 minute delay:

According to your website, there were Buy to open and buy to close orders both executed at 12:05 ET

44224705BTC5@ESZ9E-MINI S&P 500at stop 1065.50

Filled: 1065.50 at 10/27/09 12:05 ET

44224500BTO5@ESZ9E-MINI S&P 500at limit 1065.25

Filled: 1065.25 at 10/27/09 12:05 ET.

My executions – using TradeBullet and Interactive Brokers – were

BTC ESZ9E-MINI S&P 500 filled: 1065.25 at 12:05:25 (which is okay) and

BTO ESZ9E-MINI S&P 500 filled: 1066.00 at 12:09:33 (which is NOT okay)

There was a FOUR MINUTE DELAY, and this is not the only example.

The other transmissions today were fast and accurate, with one exemption:

b) the irregular trade that should not have been executed

There was one trade that should not have been initiated, and this does not show up in the list of trades on your website:

STC ESZ9E-MINI S&P 500 filled: 1064.25 at 12:32:49 (which is NOT okay)

I am wondering how such a signal can occur and intiate a trade.

According to the trade list on your website the corresponding STC trade came at 12:40

44221692STC5@ESZ9E-MINI S&P 500at stop 1066.25Filled: 1065.75 at 10/27/09 10:40 ET

This trade was ALSO executed by the system, but only one of the two should have been taken as STC orders.

This raises doubts about the reliability of the collective2 system and associated software (TradeBullet and Interactive Brokers).

I would be much obliged if you could analyze these hiccups and fix the causes.

Thanks and best regards

Roland Giebitz

Please contact TradeBullet directly for support of this Gen1 AutoTrade partner solution.

There was no delay, just some confusion about the sequence of orders due to a reject by the broker.