C2 Signal error


Today I experienced following signal error which caused a signal delay of 10 minutes and unnecessary trades.

Signal 44072453 BTO was send at 05:14:25

Autosync TB548886 corrected the position with STC at 05:17:50 to flat

Autosync TB972445 corrected the position with BTO at 05:24:00 to long 1

What happened with the original signal during those 10 (!) MINUTES?


Were you using TradeBullet or a Gen3 AutoTrade solution?



I’m going to forward your request to TradeBullet support.

There was a problem with the @EU quote feed and data wasn’t being returned for that symbol during that 7-minute time period. Because it was a Gen1 AutoTrading client we needed to wait to the quote feed to come back online before we could process your execution reported by TradeBullet. It seems to have been an exceptional event; we have not seen the problem since. I apologize for the problem.

OK. Does this mean that the issue was not experienced by Gen3 clients?

For this very particular case, that is what I mean.