Order did not fill!

Had a STO order on ESU11. Price hit my limit but the order did not fill. Price has already hit my take-profit and C2 didn’t fill.

I’ve looked at your orders and don’t see any that should have filled. It’s possible I missed something and the C2 software was inaccurate.

But in cases like this, you should submit a trouble-ticket, because our automated tools are able to solve a large percentage of problems, and because it allows you to specify exactly which order you think should have been filled and why. Here’s how:


Thanks for the speedy reply. The order to STO was placed @ 11:47, per “signalbounce:”


7/19/11 11:47

Sell to open



E-MINI S&P 500 SEP 2011

@ limit 1317.25


Note this trade replaces signal id 63640956.


Price proceeded to hit my fill price at 1:31 ET. It did not pass my fill price at the time, but if price hits your limit order, doesn’t C2 usually treat that as a hypothetical fill?


It depends on the bid. Chances are it must hot have hit, but would have sometime later.