My order should be filled

Matthew, please check my system. I submited C2 order before my real order. My real order was filled, but my C2 order is still not filled yet. Please adjust.

Please use the trouble ticket system to report fill issues. This is because the system can often diagnose problems more immediately than a human can (i.e. wrong symbol used, market not open, confusion about limits and stops, etc.).

Also, you’ll (hopefully!) get a faster response if you use the trouble ticket system. Here’s how:

Can I use the trouble ticket system even if I did not close the position?

How long does it take to take care of the trouble ticket? It looks like my order is still not adjusted yet.

I emailed you in response to the ticket. I did not agree with your claim that you should be filled at 9. Your ticket claimed that you entered the order in question when the option was trading at 9ish, but at the moment you entered the order it was trading at 12.50ish. Details were in the email sent to you.

Matthew, I submitted another ticket. The order was not placed at 12.5 but replaced 9 with 12.5. The original was submited around 9:34AM and the price went to 9 or below.